I’ve never done Weekly Geeks before, but I’d like to start, both because it has always seemed like fun, and in memory of Dewey, who was an amazing blogger and great community-builder. This week’s theme is favorite blogs, so I’m going to mention a few that are in my “Blogs I Always Read” folder on Google Reader. These are some of the blogs I read immediately rather than the ones that pile up in my reader to be read when I have time. These aren’t all the blogs I love or read immediately, mind you, just a handful. Just because you’re not up here doesn’t mean I don’t think you rock. I have just decided to limit myself to five blogs so I don’t gush forever.

Reviewer X is smart and funny and snarky and community-oriented and brilliant and all things awesome, really! I loved Girl Week, and YA Connection is always an awesome link roundup. And, of course, Steph’s famously snarky reviews rock. 

Girl Jordyn is my friend and fellow Red author Jordyn’s interesting and insightful blog about life. She posts cool quotes and musings on life and anecdotes and all sorts of things, and it all rocks because she’s an amazing writer.

The  Tarts’ Wardrobe is completely hilarious and while it describes itself as “an irreverent conversation about YA Literature,” it is so far (it’s pretty new) mostly about the Georgia Nicholson series, which is in my opinion a fantastic blog topic. Makes me laugh every time. 

Maureen Johnson’s blog is also one of the most hilarious things I have ever read. Maureen blogs about her life as a writer and being harassed by JK Rowling and her Catholic schoolgirl days and comparisons of American and British life and all of her exploits (real and fictional). Do not read in a public location unless you enjoy being looked at strangely because you cannot stop laughing and have painfully snorted coffee out your nose. 

Bookshelves Of Doom is my fellow YA Cybils panelist Leila’s very interesting and often-updated blog about all things bookish. This is the place to be for fascinating links and smart reviews.