This blog’s been a little empty of late, but that doesn’t mean I’m not writing. Here a few places I can be found around the internet (and maybe you’ll get some ideas for posting your own writing, too!):

First, Teen Ink. I’ve posted before about the magazine & web site, and right now I’ve got two articles on there: a travel piece on Morocco and a college review of Fordham University. Which I may or may not be attending next year, but, no matter where I end up, this is a fantastic school. Anyway, both of my pieces are first in their sections (Travel & Culture and College Reviews) today, so that’s super cool. 

I’ve also posted some articles on Helium, which is an awesome website where you can write articles and stories and get paid for your writing. I think most payments depend on how many people view your article, but they have a marketplace where you can write for assignments and if your article is chosen you get paid a specified amount, and there are also contests. Check out my page here; I’ve written about body image, fiction, choosing a college, patriotism, and several other topics, and I’ve just gotten started! If you’re interesting in joining, and wouldn’t mind not just signing up right away, let me know so I can send you an invite; if I invite another writer, I get paid, too, when they earn money (5% I think). 

Also, if you’re not already keeping up with I Heart Daily, make sure to check it out on Saturday, when I’ll have a Red Hearts guest post up!