Again, my blogging is suffering because of my life. I’m sorry. I do have a few places where you can find me right now, though. 

One, I was a part of a ‘Teen Girl Panel’ on Jezebel, about sexting. Which means sending naked pictures of yourself around by cell phone. Read my thoughts on the whole issue here. Read the comments, too, there’s some good ones.

Also check out my RED blog. Some of the content there is from one of my other blogs, some is original–I share my content with myself quite a lot sometimes. 

This is not me, specifically, but it’s great. Adele gave RED a fantastic review at Persnickety Snark! We got her winged monkey rating. Awesome, no? Check it out here

Thanks again to Adele for letting me know that a blurb from my review is featured in the Australian edition of Paper Towns! Not the first time I’ve been on a book, but (as far as I know–publishers don’t have to tell reviewers when they use our reviews, so there may well be some review quotes from me floating around out there that I don’t know about), it’s the first time I’ve been on a book as me, and definitely the most awesome–John Green! I was definitely excited.

And, again, I will talk about Helium. This time, because I wrote a review of what I’ve been reading exclusively lately: the Animorphs series by KA Applegate. Again, let me know if you want a Helium invitation because if I invite you and you earn money, I get a little money (a few cents, but a few cents here and there adds up!) and you can invite your friends and we can all pass the good writing karma around.