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  • Hardcover? Or paperback? I like paperbacks a little more, because they’re easier to read while doing something else. However, since the title of today’s meme is “Collectibles,” perhaps it should be more about, I don’t know, appearance or something, and not readability? But why would I have books I didn’t want to read? I don’t understand collecting books if you’re not going to read them, and the most readable books, for a multitasker like myself, are trade paperbacks. Not mass market paperbacks, which annoy me.
  • Illustrations? Or just text? If the illustrations are good, and really add something, then I like them. Sometimes, though, they feel superflous. I never feel like I need illustrations, though, which is weird because I love art, I just don’t usually connect it with my love of reading.
  • First editions? Or you don’t care? I think it’s cool to have first editions of books that later become popular, but not in an important way, just, if you know it’s a first edition, you can think “oh, wow, cool, I have a first edition of  (insert popular book title here).” But, practically, it really doesn’t matter to me. 
  • Signed by the author? Or not? I love signed books, particularly if they’re personalized, because it means I’ve connected with the author in some way, and that is always cool. I’m always a little star-struck when I meet (in person or online) one of my favorite authors!