I’ve posted on my facebook page about the books I read in March. Check it out. Apparently I can’t link to it since it’s on facebook, but add me if you haven’t yet (Jocelyn Pearce, picture is an icon that says ‘believe’) and it’s in the notes section.


I’m back! I know I’ve been absent for a couple of weeks, and I don’t have a particularly exciting reason–school and work have been getting to me, plus, you know, I do have a social life, and add it all together and you get very little leftover time for blogging. Plus, I’ve just fallen out of the habit lately…But I’m going to try to be better. (You decide in a month or so if that’s an April Fools’ joke or not). 

So what now? I haven’t been reading a whole lot. In March, I reread a couple of favorites taking place in Europe because I’m excited about my upcoming move to Germany for college (and I think I’ll be spending a few days in London before arriving at school, so that’s exciting, too, but sadly first I must get through the rest of high school) (also, I’m definitely taking recommendations for books set in Europe and/or involving travel, particularly Germany), a few new books I’ll review soon, and one for school. I have neglected to participate in weekly memes (Waiting on Wednesday and Booking Through Thursday), so expect some catch-up posts there. I also hope to have some interviews and guest posts (as always, email me if you’re interested in a guest post slot). 

And what else? Well, I have some exciting news. I’ve recently found out that I’ve been quoted on two books! First, from Alea, I’m on the paperback of Audrey, Wait!, and second, from Jenny, I’m on the UK edition of Gone (listed as “Teen review on”, but it’s me). Exciting, no? 

And then, Stephanie Kuehnert interviewed me for her Women Who Rock Wednesday feature! Check it out here, and she’s also giving away a copy of Red if you’re interested. 

Finally, a piece I wrote about Fordham (the college I almost attended) was published in Teen Ink Magazine! You can see it online here

And keep reading crossing the ocean if you’re interested in my future.

So that’s it for now, but more later (I promise this time). 


Part of the reason I’ve been absent from this blog is that, when I do have time for blogging, I’ve been focusing my energy on a new blog for the past few days. I’ve started a blog called “crossing the ocean” about going to Germany. Of course, because I’m not there yet, it’s mostly my thoughts about the decision and some pictures I’ve found online of Bremen and such things, but it’s to document my journey and the journey starts when the decision is made. Of course, it’ll be more interesting in August when I’m actually in Germany! Still, I think about it so much that I’ve been managing to post quite a bit, so check it out.


I just thought I’d let you guys know I’ve made my decision. Next year, I’ll be going to Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany. If you’re interested, the school website is here and there are some cool panoramas of Bremen here. And here is a video of free hugs made in Bremen:

I quite enjoy it. And I like the song. 

Anyway, now that we’ve all seen the video, you’re wondering, what does this mean for the books and the blog? You must be interested in that, or else why would you be here? 

And the answer is: I don’t really know. 

Sometime in August, I’ll be heading to Europe. If authors/publishers are willing to send me books in Germany, I’ll still take review copies. If not, well, my parents will still be in the U.S. and I’ll be able to pick up books when I come home for Christmas/summer. I’m really not sure about access to English-language books or time to read them and I’ll work out all the details about review copies when the time comes. 

This blog will still be alive. I’ll probably have less time for recreational reading, and the reviews might not be so frequent, and the blogging might not be so frequent, but I’ll be here. And I’ll be blogging about life and Germany and such elsewhere. 

The bottom line: this blog will probably change, but I’ll still be here. And I’ll be going to Europe and I’m excited!


I have a couple of tidbits to share with you right now. First, Liviania has nominated me for the Premio Dardos award! Apparently it means “prize darts” which is weird because the text of the award when I first got it was apparently in Portuguese (confirmed by Lenore) and what do darts have to do with anything? I think it’s a weird award, but I LOVE it. I think I might even love it as much as the gramatically incorrect award which I never received that seems to have died out (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry about it). I rambled on about it and passed it on already here, but I wanted to thank Liviania and post her cool graphic here. I am honored to be nominated for the award. 

While we’re talking about Liviania and her great blog, In Bed With Books, I should mention what I forgot to before, when I was talking about contests. She’s running some great contests all month in celebration of her blogiversary, and you can check out the rules here, and the most recent contest here (and keep checking her blog for more). 

Thanks again, Liviania, for being awesome!


Alyssa and Karin were kind enough to nominate me for the Your Blog Is Fabulous Award. Thanks, guys!

The rules: List five things you are obsessed with/addicted to and then nominate five other fabulous blogs to pass on this award on to!

My obsessions, in no particular order….

1. Books. Duh! I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention books. I don’t really need to elaborate here, I don’t think, since this entire blog is an elaboration of my book obsession. I also tend to be obsessed with specific types of books–lately, the Animorphs. Although now that I’ve reread them all I have to move on. Sigh.

2. Television. I watch way too much TV! Some shows I love include Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Angel, Boy Meets World, Fringe, Pushing Daisies, Heroes, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill…Okay, I’m stopping now.

3. The internet. Again, not a lot of elaboration necessary. I blog. I read blogs (not just book-related). I check my email. I check websites. I talk to friends. I do all kind of things and before I know it, the day is half gone and I’ve spent it all online. 

4. Diet Pepsi. I drink way too much of the stuff. It’s so tasty. Diet Coke will suffice if I’m someplace without Pepsi products. 

5. Music. When my TV’s not on, I’m not sitting here in silence. I’m listening to music! I like all kinds of things. Some recent favorites? Donora and the RENT movie soundtrack. 

And the five blogs I’ll nominate…I know for a fact that some of these people have already been nominated, but apparently I’m too lazy (and sick) to search through my blogroll and find the people who haven’t been nominated (though if you haven’t been nominated and you want this award, feel free to consider yourself nominated because all my readers are of course fabulous), also do not feel obligated to post this, but I’m nominating ten cent notes, Reviewer X, Miss Erin, Persnickety Snark, and Wondrous Reads. You’re all fabulous. 


Both of these news items would have been more timely yesterday, but…life is insane. So here you go!

First, the Cybils winners were announced! You can check out the list here, but the ones I’m particularly happy about are, of course, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, by E. Lockhart, in my category, YA fiction, as well as Naomi Shihab Nye’s book Honeybee winning the award for poetry. 

Second, my piece on Heifer International is up at I Heart Daily! Check it out here

Another reminder to check me out on Helium, because of an article that might interest a lot of you–I get a lot of requests for help from beginning bloggers, so I wrote this article about starting a book blog. 


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