Teens Read Too

INVISIBLE LIVES is a sweet and sort of predictable read in that chick-lit way, but the Indian and paranormal twists make  it good fun and add a unique element to the more predictable parts of the story.

Lakshmi Sen is a young Indian woman in Seattle with an odd ability to read people’s emotions. She physically sees them  (this is the supernatural part of the story but it is not addressed as supernatural–the story is not about explaining this ability),  and this gives her a great advantage where she works in her mother’s sari shop…

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When Giovanna’s twin brother, Dante, announces he’s running for student body president against her boyfriend’s friend and popular candidate, Wilson, things between Giovanna and her boyfriend, Jesse, get a little tense. Jesse’s great, the best boyfriend a girl could ask for…Until he agrees to support Wilson over Dante, who is also a good friend of his. Both Jesse and Dante say Giovanna’s too emotional, and she might agree after she impulsively breaks up with Jesse.

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This second book in the TEEN ALIEN HUNTRESS series, following RED HANDED, is not a direct continuation of that story. Familiar characters make an appearance, but really this is just another book taking place in that same well-created world of the first. That said, it’s well worth reading, too!

BLACKLISTED is about Camille, who is a pretty average teenage girl. With her best friend, Shanel, she sneaks into a nightclub, trying to catch the attention of her crush. Camille’s persistence, however, leads them into a situation that they were not anticipating when they came to the club…

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Phoenix has been in more than a bit of trouble lately, thanks to Onadyn, a new drug that she used. She’s gone to rehab
and kicked it now, but her mother still doesn’t trust her. And when she’s at a party in the woods that turns into a fight with
aliens, her mother thinks it was more drugs.

That’s the last straw…

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Mado and Patty are sisters. Now that their parents are gone, killed in a car crash on their way to the family’s vacation home, they’re the only family they’ve got. Still, though, they’re very different people. LIFE AS IT COMES is about their life together after the accident.

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DRAGON SLIPPERS is one of the best fantasy books I’ve read in ages! I always feel like good fantasy is hard to find, but this book certainly succeeded in being that and much more.

When Creel’s parents die, her rather silly aunt is going to be hard-pressed to come up with the money to feed Creel and her brother, so she comes up with a plan. She’s going to give Creel to the dragon rumored to live in the hills near their town and convince a local nobleman’s son to rescue and marry the “fair maiden.”

Anyone with sense knows this is ridiculous. The dragon is only a myth…Right?

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And check out Miss Erin & Little Willow’s awesome interview with the author!