tell an author you care day

I love the idea of Tell An Author You Care Day. So much, in fact, that I did it twice today! I’ve also decided to make this a regular thing for me. The 16th of every month will be Tell An Author You Care Day at TBR! I’ll be doing more posts about my favorite authors and such. Feel free to join in on your own blog if you’d like!


For Tell An Author You Care Day, I’d like to talk a bit about Tamora Pierce.

In fifth grade, my teacher had shelves and shelves of books. That year I discovered quite a few favorites. Stargirl was a big one. The Giver. However, the best of all? Tamora Pierce. The Song of the Lioness quartet.

I loved those books! I read them so many times that year. It was those books that made me the book lover I am today. Sure, BSC got me reading. I enjoyed some other books–the Little House books, for one. I read Harry Potter in third grade, and I loved it (but it didn’t become an obsession until book four!). But when I think about why I have shelves and shelves of books, why I have books I read until their covers fall off (and then I buy new copies!), why I LOVE books so much, I think about Tamora Pierce. It’s also why I love fantasy so much! I am always looking for fantasy that’s as good as Tamora Pierce’s.

Later, I read the Immortals books, the Circle of Magic, the Circle Opens, Protector of the Small, and so on, as new books came out, up until now (The latest? Terrier). I have loved them all, read them all multiple times. I think that Tamora Pierce’s writing has improved since those early books (her stories were always great, though!). I still read her new releases faithfully. My favorites in the “Circle” universe are Street Magic and The Will of the Empress. My favorite Tortall books are Trickster’s Choice and Trickster’s Queen. So far–I know she’ll write so many more great books!

So if you haven’t read anything yet by Tamora Pierce, get yourself to a library or bookstore, now!

I borrowed this idea from seaheidi. In honor of Tell An Author You Care Day, here are eight authors I’d like to thank.

1) Ann M. Martin, for writing the Babysitter’s Club. When I discovered these books in the first grade, after not being much of a reader for the past couple of years (I did know how, I just didn’t like it), I started to love it!
2) Francine Pascal! Later in Elementary school, I really loved the Sweet Valley books, and in about sixth grade I read the whole Fearless series. This was a big chunk of my reading back then!
3) Tamora Pierce.
4) Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. She was fourteen when she published her first book. I really love her books, but it’s more than that. She showed me that it’s possible to actually write, and write well, as a teenager! Before reading her books, I thought writing was something grown-ups did.
5) JK Rowling. I don’t think she’s the most awesome writer ever. I do love the books, though. And I think Harry is a major reason for this “golden age of YA lit,” so I’d love to thank her for that! I am also very impressed with how well thought-out even the most complex parts of the (complex) plot are.
6) Lisa Klein, for Ophelia. I wrote a gushing review, and I absolutely can’t get enough of this book. It definitely in my top 5, maybe my all-time favorite.
7) Gail Carson Levine, for writing some of the most awesome heroines ever in kid lit!
8) All of the other authors whose books I adore: Brent Hartinger, Meg Cabot, Bennet Madison, Garret Freymann-Weyr, Stephenie Meyer, Rachel Cohn, David Levithan, Scott Westerfeld, Cecelia Ahern, Pat Murphy, Curtis Sittenfeld, John Green, Sarah Dessen, Clive Barker, Isabel Allende, Maureen Johnson, Mary Hoffman, Gloria Whelan, Justin Somper, Rick Riordan, John Marsden, Sarah Grace McCandless, Eoin Colfer, Lara Zeises, Meg Rosoff, Margaret Petersen Haddix, Pam Munoz Ryan, Jerry Spinelli….

Yeah, so that last one makes it more than eight. They’re all great, though!

Found this through readergirlz:

Children’s writer Emily Beeson has declared July 16th to be Tell An Author You Care Day! If you tell an author you care in one of these ways and leave a comment on Emily’s blog telling what you did, you can even win an Amazon gift card, to buy more great books from great authors! Here’s what you can do:

“1. Write a letter or email to a favorite author. I think JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer recieve plenty of fan letters. Think of an author you love that may need a little boost.

2. Write a positive review on Amazon and, if you want to, link to it in your blog.

3. Buy a book by a favorite author and give it to someone who will enjoy it.

4. Profile an author in your blog. I’m not talking just another review. Tell us a little about the author and mention at least one of his/her books that you love.”

I’ll definitely be participating, and so should you!