As you might have noticed, I disappeared. This blog just wasn’t so much fun anymore, and blogging is just supposed to be fun. For a long time, I didn’t really blog, but I’ve decided to start again.

My new blogging venture is called “Me, Undivided,” named so because I’ve decided to write about everything I’m interested in, instead of separating my interests in different blogs. This is anything I’m into: technology, music, books, travel. All undivided. If you’re interested, check it out!


I know. It’s taken me forever to announce this, but my random number generator has decided that the winners of the two ARCs of the sixth Ranger’s Apprentice book are:



Cathy W.

Thanks for playing, guys! I’ve emailed the winners.

Check it out: Em (from Em’s Bookshelf) is giving away loads of completely awesome books, and you could be the winner. Enter here


So lately, I’ve got this thing where I want books with a good romance and a good road trip, both important parts of the story. I’ve got books in mind with one or the other, but not many with both (at least, not both important/well done). So I’m turning to you guys, my well-read readers, for suggestions. Know any great romantic road trip books? 


Bored? Then check out some of my comment threads. My favorites are on Twilight-related posts, such as my thoughts about the movie. Some gems from that one include:

i dont know why plp cant stand twilight.
i live breath and eat twilight. edward is hot!! get used to it

and then

for all those peaple out there who are dissing twilight shut up .i love Edward .twilight is amasing.

which is followed by


Or the incredibly long comments thread of my review of Breaking Dawn. My enjoyment-reading review. I read it again to make fun of it. Enjoyable both times. Anyway. Choice comments include:

In the end she made the same mistake as her Mother, however.
Got married right out of highschool and had a child.
And on top of the bite-me-vampire thing.!@
like srsly


This book was horrible. I don’t understand what people like about it. If this is a TEEN BOOK REVIEW, then I would have expected to see someone at least complaining about the bad morals of the story.

Ahh, but it’s not “crazy super religious morality review,” is it? I am not the morality police. People should read what they want to read.

I liked the book and I dont understand why are the so called true fans being all I hated it im taking it back i mean they are all entitled to their opinion but a true twilight fan will never disrespect Steph that way regardless if you liked the book or not.


4th book- THEBEST..
-They got married. good stuff
-they had sex ! hurraaay :) it was about time..
-She got PREGO , shockerrr.. but you alll loved it dont even deny it.
– she became a vampire.. you all wanted it to hppen :)

and then



& fact number two: Somthing about twilight touched our hearts in some way.
(even if you hate the book)

Fact number three: I LOVE TWILIGHT SO EFFIN MUCH. Takes me like.. not even a day to read the books, (:

I disagree witht everyone is saying about oh I hate thid book and it was crap.

And I agree with everyone who loves it.


Hopefully that’s enough to entice you. It turns into all-out war sometimes, and don’t even get me started on the grammar and spelling and general level of intelligence. Not to say there aren’t smart, well-written comments, because there definitely are a few….but there are also a lot of hilariously stupid ones. 

Enjoy, as I suffer through my English homework.


I was curious, so I thought I’d post a poll. I’d love it if you’d answer. 

My answer? The third one. Only if I feel like it. I generally don’t read books that I don’t really enjoy, because I figure for every book you read, you could be reading a thousand more books with that time. So why make that one book a crappy one?

(Side note: if you’ve gotten a less-than-gushing review from me, this should make you feel better. Even if I didn’t think your book was stellar, I still must have really enjoyed it to actually finish reading!).

Looking forward to the results.


I am officially recruiting for guest blogs. If you’re an author or reviewer or anyone bookish (not just a reader, sorry), and you’d like to write a post for me on any topic pertaining to books or writing (specific books or in general–and if your topic isn’t bookish, talk to me anyway, it might still be awesome), send me an email with your idea! For authors–if I haven’t read your book, or if I don’t have it in one of my to-read stacks, see if you can get your publisher to send me a review copy. I’d prefer to be able to make some educated comments about the books of my guest blogging authors at some point (even if it’s after the guest blog), because this isn’t just a venue for bookish self-promotion. Also, it’d be great if you have a copy of one of your books or something to do a giveaway (but it’s not required). Thanks so much to any volunteers!


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