I don’t know if I’ll be around to do this when 2008 actually starts, so I’ll go ahead and post this early. So here they are, my reading (and blogging) goals for the year 2008.    

In 2008, I am recycling my goal to read a book a day, 365 books. Actually, I think it’s a leap year so 366. In 2007 I only read about 300, but hopefully I can actually meet the goal in 2008!

I also want to keep remembering to record all the books I read, title and author at the very least, and preferably some more information and notes, but that’s not a requirement. The records should be kept in my notebook and also posted online for a set time period. I can’t decide if that should be months or something shorter–every week, or twice a month? I guess we’ll see.

I also want to review every book I read, with the exception of those read for school. Reviewing my history textbook would be stupid.

Those read for school count towards the number read if I read at least 75% of the book (with novels, I’ll read it all, but with, say, the Princeton Review Guide to the AP World History Exam, I might skip a section or two).

I want to complete at least 5 different challenges over the course of the year. Hopefully that’ll introduce me to some great books I would not have read otherwise! I may create my own challenge, too.

I’d love to participate in the Cybils again, and try to read a bigger percentage of the nominees than I was able to this year (which should be doable as I won’t have finals. I had mostly semester-long classes this year, and will have mostly year-long classes next year).

I want to  keep up with this blog better! By this I mean updating review lists more often, posting more interviews, actually doing the Tell An Author You Care thing every month that I promised to do but forgot to do ages ago, and maybe adding a new feature (details on that later).

I’ll make this a page of its own as well as a new post, linked to in the sidebar, and if you think I’m not keeping up with it well enough, tell me! I’d also love to hear about your reading goals for 2008.

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12 Responses to “2008”

  1. Bohae Says:

    Wow! 366 books? That’d be incredible :) My reading goal for 2008: to somehow get my hands on at least several new books : )

  2. soccergirl45 Says:

    My goal for 2008 is to read 100 books

  3. harmonybookreviews Says:

    366 books? I wish I could do that. Maybe I’ll get to 300 this year but I doubt it. :(

  4. Ms. Yingling Says:

    I have the same goal and am well on my way! You can do it. It’s just one every day! Just don’t get behind.

  5. girljordyn Says:

    I don’t make reading goals for myself. I like to rule out the possibility of failure as often as I can in life and I know if I don’t like a book I won’t finish it because often it just seems like a time suck reading something I don’t want or have to.

  6. Taylor Says:

    So far I’ve only read 35 this year. Ha.

  7. Turning a page of a book and being thrust into a new adventure is a bautiful way to enjoy life.
    Imagine being a young boy who yearns for excitement but only faces the humdrum of ordinary life.
    Add a grat read like Only The Brave Dare or Canyon and you’ll find yourself travelling on a rollercoaster of emotions and exploring a world where youth rule!
    Boys need adventure with a twist but presented in a believable way. Both books above will help you become the hero you always wanted to be just by turning a page.
    Enjoy the reads.


  8. Chrissy Says:

    Hmm, apparantly the best way to read is to indulge in the book, the literature, every description, every word. If you have that much time in a day to do that – for every single book, then what a fantastic goal. But otherwise, I’d just immerse yourself into the reading, not the goal.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    haha one thats snitch

  10. Jana Laiz Says:

    Hi! I wish you reviewers would read my new novel, Weeping Under This Same Moon. I think you’ll like it!
    Happy reading!

  11. jocelyn Says:

    Christopher and Jana–the way to get reviewers to read your book isn’t to leave comments saying YOU think it’s great.

    The only real way to get reviewers to look at your book is to send review copies, which, I understand, if your publisher doesn’t help out, can be expensive, so I’m sorry, but it’s true.

  12. redraven01@optusnet.com.au Says:

    Hi Jocelyn,

    I quite agree. However, authors should still point readers to their books so they can start their reading enjoyment. Research the book; its cover and description – even profile the author. Then, if informed, the reader can make a judgement to buy the book. Reviews are great but it is hard to profile the reviewer to see with what authority they bring to their work.


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