The way it works:

The Read For Your Dreams Reading Challenge will last from 1 April 2008 until 1 January 2009, but you can sign up whenever you like, and books can overlap with other challenges.

So what do you have to do? You have to read ten books, fiction or non-fiction, that relate to your dream. Choose one thing you’d really like to do–travel the world, live in Italy, learn to cook, become a lawyer, I don’t care what. And then, read ten books that directly have to do with that dream. You may change your list at any time, but you should start out with at least a few possibilities.

Confused? Don’t worry, it’s really quite simple. For example, if your chosen dream is to travel the world, you would read ten books about travelling. It could be fiction about characters who backpack around Europe or take a cruise in the Carribean or non-fiction about ways to travel cheaply or a non-fiction account of a person’s experience travelling. If your dream is to be an Olympic gold medalist, you would read ten books about the Olympics and/or your chosen sport. And so on. Any questions, just ask, but I think it’s fairly straightforward.

To sign up, post a link to your initial challenge post in the comments below. When you have posted relevant reviews, please link to them in the comments at the participant page. Have fun participating!


20 Responses to “Read For Your Dreams”

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  2. harmonybookreviews Says:

    I’m signing up! I’m not sure which dream to use though. Is something general like being in the literary world (agent, publisher, writer, etc) good enough or does it have to be specific?

  3. jocelyn Says:

    Specific is good, but if you can’t narrow it down, I guess it can just be in general.

  4. girljordyn Says:

    Ooh I’ve never done a challenge before but this one sounds awesome! I’m totally going to do it, I just have to decide on the dream to read about.

  5. Drew Kime Says:

    Anyone doing this challenge who wants to do one about cooking, email me and I’ll send a free ebook version of my book “How To Cook Like Your Grandmother”. ( ) Nothing in it is intimidating to a new cook. Just put “Read For Your Dreams” in the subject line.

  6. Kara Says:

    I just ran across this challenge and would love to join.

    Here is my post:

  7. Callista Says:

    Do all 10 books have to be about one dream or could we havea couple of dreams with a couple of books for each dream?

  8. jocelyn Says:

    It should be one dream. Thanks to all who have joined so far, and, Callista, I hope you join!

  9. kim in ohio Says:

    Wow this is great. I have always wanted to take the joy of reading to others and that is why I started my f2f group. And since I have about 15,000 books, I have wondered about having a used book store or working at the library. so my dream is sharing the joy of reading with others thru one medium or the other.
    kim in ohio

  10. Krystal Says:

    ok i will definately join this challenge! im only 14 and i have loved to read since i was 9!!! This is totally awesome! My dream is between helping global warming decrease or to lose weight. il probably read 10 books of both!!! Thanks for making this challange!!!

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  12. Mandy Says:

    I need to sit down and think about what my dream truly is…seems like it changes on a weekly basis. *grins* But I love the idea of this – who knows, maybe reading about it will push me to get closer to meeting it, whatever it is!

  13. Oh this is a great challenge! My biggest dream is definitely to travel the world so this will give me a great excuse to read more books about the places I’d like to visit.
    My list of choices for this challenge can be found at:

  14. I always wanted to be an astronaut, but just didn’t have the skills to qualify. Judy

  15. xXPlasticSmilesXx Says:

    sounds fun, I’m so gonna’ try it ^-^

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  18. Are you going to keep this challenge in 2009?

    Judy/Intergalactic Bookworm

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