My theme for the Read For Your Dreams challenge is travel! I want to travel all around the world, and I’m going to read ten books about travel. Or, at least, that include decent amounts of travel (the definition of this being open to my interpretation). My current possibilities:

  1. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
  2. Carpe Diem by Autumn Cornwell
  3. Wish You Were Here by Catherine Clark
  4. Geek Abroad by Piper Banks
  5. The Temptress Four by Gaby Triana

And that’s all I’ve got so far, and I don’t even own all of those books so I don’t know if I’ll read them all. I am open to suggestions (and relevant review copies)!

My progress:

  1. Carpe Diem by Autumn Cornwell
  2. Amor and Summer Secrets by Diana Rodriguez Wallach
  3. Salaam, Paris by Kavita Daswani
  4. North of Beautiful by Justina Chen Headley
  5. Footfree and Fancyloose by Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain
  6. The Juliet Club by Suzanne Harper
  7. Kitty Kitty by Michelle Jaffe
  8. What Happens Here by Tara Altebrando
  9. How To Be Bad by E. Lockhart, Lauren Myracle, and Sarah Mlynowski
  10. Bloody Jack by L.A. Meyer

2 Responses to “My List & Progress”

  1. Doret Says:

    Hey this reminded me of a book I read a few years back that I really loved.
    Passport Dairies by Tamara Gregory. The main character is taking a break from work, decides to visit London Paris and Greece. It was so much fun. You won’t be disappointed.

  2. Nunya Biznaz Says:

    u should try the S.A.S.S. series. it was written by various authors

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