Kate’s life is pretty miserable. Her best friend has dumped her. Her father quit his job to sell infomercial vitamins in the mall. Her family, as a result, is having some serious money troubles that can only be resolved by her grandmother coming to stay. Of course, Grandma being around just makes everything more tense and more stressful. Kate is also lusting after a boy who has done nothing but torment her since they met in ninth grade. Will also has a bit of a reputation around school for hooking up with every girl he sees. Kate likes Will, but she doesn’t want to, and when he starts to act like he might be interested, she certainly doesn’t want to be just another name on the long, long list of girls that Will has been with…does she?

I loved Elizabeth Scott‘s other two books, bloom and Stealing Heaven, but Perfect You just might be my favorite! It’s a close call as to which is the best, but Perfect You is in no way disappointing, and in many ways awesome. Kate is an awesome main character, but I loved all of the characters, and the complicated relationships they had with each other. Perfect You is a fresh, funny, and honest story that is everything readers will expect from this talented writer, and more! Honestly, I can’t recommend highly enough this fantastic story about family, romance, friendship, love, life, and growing up.


Not Quite What I Was Planning is a collection of six-word memoirs by average people and celebrities alike. Six words, to sum up something significant about your life. Harder than it sounds, isn’t it? I’m a contributor to this book, and what I wrote has a lot more meaning than you might think from my six words, but I don’t think that matters; no matter what the writer intended, their six words will speak to different people on different levels, and whatever it means to the person who reads it is true to that person, and that’s good enough.

These memoirs, illustrated by the authors themselves with photographs and drawings, cover a range of emotions, from funny to bittersweet to regretful to angry to happy to sad to, well, anything you can think of, anything that applies to humanity and life. They are all wonderful and touching in their own way, and this is highly a recommended book. It would also make a great gift! Every person will be able to relate to at least a few of these selections.

Seeing as we are readers and writers here, I’d like to point this one out: “EDITOR. Get it?” by Kate Hamill (p.211)

Edited to provide a link to the website, where you can read more six-word memoirs and submit your own: Smithmag.net.