I reserve the right to delete any comments, for any reason I chose, including but not limited to:

  • Pointless and/or stupid comments
  • Irrelevant comments
  • Unintelligible comments
  • Unnecessarily mean comments

Also: if you post on a book review to say you didn’t like the book, you must say why. You cannot just say, “this book is stupid,” or “i hate this book.” You can have negative opinions, though, as long as you have an actual argument. You can say, “I didn’t like this book because all of the characters were two-dimensional,” or, “I thought this book was unrealistic,” or “I hated the writing style of this book,” or anything else that actually has a basis in fact.

Also number two: if you want me to review your book, send me an email, don’t leave a comment. It’s not that hard. And it says to email me on my review policy.

August 2008 Update: This is not a democracy. I will try to let commenter have their say, but I am the dictator here. If you want to insult me, the comments on my own blog are a stupid place to do it, and I will delete your comment. I don’t feel like putting up with petty insults.


9 Responses to “Comment Policy”

  1. autoomob Says:

    Занятно-занятно, нигде раньше на такое не натыкался

  2. Не думал, что найду это здесь.

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  4. AnutkaChiffa Says:

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  5. Скажите а на каком хостинге Ваш сайт? Открывается и грузится быстро. Зачет!

  6. И где вы тут видите смысл? Абсурд какой-то…

  7. procarchik Says:

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