Review: Ironside: A Modern Faery’s Tale by Holly Black

Basically, IRONSIDE is a continuation of the story of Kaye and Roiben. Roiben is crowned ruler of the Unseelie Court, but he doesn’t want Kaye to have to be involved in the dangerous and deceitful faerie world–even though no faerie can tell a lie, or perhaps because of that, faerie wit is as sharp and dangerous as any sword.

When Kaye declares her love or Roiben, in front of the entire court and drunk on faerie wine, he is forced to indulge her request for a quest to prove her love and earn her place in the court as his consort–but, fearing for his beloved, Roiben gives her a quest that seems impossible: Kaye must find a faerie who can lie.

As if that isn’t enough for one girl (er, pixie) to deal with, Kaye also tells her mother, Ellen, the truth about who she is: a changeling. Ellen wants her real daughter back, and Kaye is determined to do that for the woman who raised her.

Kaye is playing the deadly game of the faerie courts–and the odds are against this pixie, even with help from friends like Corny. Can she accomplish all that she’s set out to do?

IRONSIDE is certainly a fantastic book, but it unfortunately suffers from a slight case of “sequel syndrome,” meaning it is not so much a brilliant story within itself, but a continuation of other stories. Despite this, it’s a magical adventure, full of the amazing characters readers know and love, and taking place in the magical world to which fans of Holly Black will be very eager to return–and just as reluctant to leave when this book is over!

Rating: 9/10