I loved the first two books in this fabulous series, Secret Society Girl and Under The Rose, and also quite enjoyed Rites of Spring (Break), though I’m not sure that it’s quite as good as the first two (but my love of Secret Society Girl in particular would be difficult to match!). In this book, Amy will be spending some of her spring break on her secret society’s private island, along with some of the other past and present members of Rose & Grave. Many of the delightful and colorful cast of characters from the previous two novels return in this installment, including my favorites, Poe and Malcolm. Amy is having some relationship troubles, with Brandon, an ex who currently has a girlfriend but is spending suspicious amounts of time with Amy, and with a new fling as well. She is also being subjected to vicious pranks by a rival secret society, dealing with intra-society dynamics, the disgrace of a Rose & Grave patriarch, possible invaders on the island, and everything else that goes with being a member of one of the most untraditional clubs of one of the most notorious secret societies at Eli University.

I loved every second of the time I spent reading this book! Diana Peterfreund has a way with words that will have you spending hours devouring this novel when you only meant to read a chapter or two. I love all of the interesting characters present in this book, although there were some who I wished were a little more present, and, really, Rites of Spring (Break) has so much awesomeness in it that you can’t help but love the book. There’s romance, secret society rivalry, mysteries, a vicious prankster, a private island, conspiracy theorists–basically, everything you need for a delightfully fun pageturner. I love Amy’s voice, too, funny and smart and witty and just awesome. If you’re a fan of the first two books, you’ve got to read this one, and if you haven’t read those, then what are you waiting for? Go get them, now! Rites of Spring (Break) will be out in June.