I am a very political person. Interested, aware, and active in politics. And today, I was surprised and thrilled to learn that two major spheres of my life–YA books and liberal politics–are brought together on YA for Obama, a fabulous site created by the fabulous Maureen Johnson. If you’re for Obama, go and join! Also check out this really awesome post at A Curiosity Shop comparing Barack Obama’s candidacy to a YA novel.

And if you are liberal, conservative, or undecided–read up on the candidates. Read up on the issues. Figure out where you stand and why you stand there. Register to vote (if you’re eligible). Make sure that eligible voters around you are registered and informed. Those who don’t vote (and are eligible) have no right to complain. Get engaged in intelligent debates to strengthen your opinions. Don’t let yourself be ignorant, and don’t just stand by and watch history happen around you. Put your money or your time where your mouth is, and, if at all possible, donate or volunteer.

This is your country, and there’s a major election coming up, one that is pivotal in determining our futures, in my view. Will the American empire of the last century come fully crashing down, or will it become better and stronger? This is a pivotal point in our nation’s history. In these last eight years, the economy has gone downhill and preemptive war has become acceptable foreign policy. What will happen in the next four years? The next eight years? The next twenty years? The coming century?

In these coming weeks and then most of all on election day, we all have the chance to impact our futures. Make your voices heard, no matter where on the political spectrum you fall.