Participating in challenges is one of my reading and blogging goals for 2008, and I’ve decided to start one of my own. If anyone cares to join me, let me know.

I’m going to read at least 28 books that are the YA or MG debuts of authors published this year–like those from the Class of 2k8. There are 28 authors there, but I’m going to extend my own challenge to include authors and books who fit those criteria but are not members of that group, just in case I can’t get my hands on all of their books. I don’t have a list of what books those will be, but I love finding new authors, so this should be fun. If you can’t find enough books at the Class of 2k8, you’ll have to do your own research to make sure authors fit the criteria, but some places to start for books that come out in 2008 are Little Willow’s booklist, the YA Lit book release calendar, my Upcoming YA Books wiki, and YA ARCs.

Special thanks also to the Class of 2k8 for writing such great books, and the Class of 2k8 authors who have commented, and their blog for mentioning my challenge!

For anyone who decides to join me:

I don’t have any really strict rules because this is mostly a way for me to find new books, but if you want to join in, that’d be awesome. And by posting this here for all to see, I’m more likely to finish it myself!

Set your own number, at least 8 books, as 28 is too much for some people. Read them all by the end of 2008. You can post a list now if you like, or you can wait and see what great books you come across. They count for other challenges, too.

Post reviews, on your blog if you’re a blogger or on a site like Amazon if you’re not.

I want to see what books you find, so come back here and leave me a comment linking to your review! I’ll also be linking to the participants and any relevant posts they make on the 2k8 Participants page.

Maybe we can even come up with some prizes for people who finish the challenge, but I’m not sure yet. If anyone wants to donate prizes or anything, let me know. Also, if anyone wants to participate and you’re good at this sort of thing, making a logo would be much awesome. You’d have my eternal gratitude!

27 Responses to “The 2k8 Challenge”

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  2. felicity12 Says:

    I’ll definitely join! I must decide the number, though… Let me get back to you.

  3. Sara Seay Says:

    I am definitely gonna join you!

  4. teenbookreview Says:

    So, do either of you have a number yet?

  5. Many of the books on my forthcoming releases/to-read list are debut authors:

  6. Sara Says:

    I will join you!

  7. Em Says:

    I’ll definitely join you. I was thinking that someone should start a challenge like this and then I came across your post. :-) I’m going to read 20 of the 28 books by the class of 2k8. (I would say I’ll read all 28 but I just don’t know if all of the MG ones will hold my attention.) Thanks for the awesome challenge! :)

  8. N.A. Nelson Says:

    Thank you soooo much for not only doing the 2k8 challenge, but also rallying others to join in! You. are. awesome!

    N.A. Nelson

  9. Terri Clark Says:

    Thanks so much for turning people on to us! :D

    Terri Clark

  10. Hey! I’d like to join up on the challenge! I already have one down actually. I’ve read The Opposite of Invisible, by Liz Gallagher! I definitely recommend it!

  11. M.P. Barker Says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for pointing readers to the Class of 2k8!

    M.P. Barker

  12. Becky Says:

    I’ll definitely be joining in! I’d love to read all 28, but I feel 12 a safer number. :) We’ll see. I’m off to post about this on my blog(s).

  13. Debbie Says:

    Who doesn’t love a good challenge? Thanks so much for spreading the word about the Class of 2k8! We really appreciate it. :)

  14. I’ll join you! 28 it is!

  15. Courtney Sheinmel Says:

    Thank you for spreading the word about the Class of 2k8 — and of course I’ll be participating as well, reading all my classmates books!

  16. Wendy Says:

    I’ve posted your challenge on my Novel Challenge blog – hope it will send people your way :)

  17. harmonybookreviews Says:

    I’m in! I’m going to try for 28 books as well. I really want to read most of the books on at 2k8 site and this is a great way to get me to it!

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  19. RR2 Says:

    If it’s not to late, we’d like to join in on the challenge. We’ll be reading 8-12 books as well.

  20. harmonybookreviews Says:

    I reviewed I Heart You, You Haunt Me a few days ago and interviewed Lisa Schroeder. The link is:

  21. Debbie Says:

    I would like to join in on this. I think I can read all 28 books and if I don’t I at least probably will have fun trying.

  22. […] Nearly Enough Posted on January 10, 2008 by blbooks The 2k8 Challenge is being hosted by Teen Book Review. The goal is to read MG/YA novels (Middle Grade and Young Adult novels for those not in the know) […]

  23. aly64 Says:

    I’ll join! Here’s for trying for all 38!

  24. Callista Says:

    Do they have to be fiction?

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